The Anatomy of a Great Addiction Recovery

When you decide it is time for you to seek help recovering from your addiction, one of the scariest factors is the unknown.

What should you expect from your recovery period? Are the things everyone says real? How do you know which recovery facility will offer the help you need?


All these questions are great questions, and can be answered simply by breaking down the simple anatomy of a great addiction recovery:

Facility type

The best facility type will completely depend on the extent of your addiction and the kind of help you are looking for. Things to consider include:

  • Is it long-term or short-term?
  • Is it an outpatient facility?
  • Do they offer patients other drugs in lieu of what they were addicted to?
  • Is it in a good location?

Several factors of the facility, especially when it comes to the location, can impact the success of your recovery. Do not put yourself in an area where you might be tempted – for example, close to your drug dealer or favorite liquor store.

If your addiction is more severe, consider a live-in facility to rid yourself of all temptation and give you a constant support system. Sometimes, it takes complete isolation to achieve recovery.


One key factor to a successful addiction recovery facility is locating one that will address all your needs: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By finding a treatment facility that encompasses all these aspects into their program, you are more likely to see a much better success rate.

To fully recover from addiction, you will need all the support you can get. By getting back on track with your spiritual life, you will find that you have more support and better tools to aid you in your recovery.

Services such as ministers there to pray with you, chapel services and other religious practices can really give your recovery plan the strong backbone it needs to stick with you.

What does all this mean for me?

Take time when choosing your addiction recovery facility – your recovery is incredibly important and should not be taken lightly. Spend time doing your research and speaking directly with the facility. Based on your needs and the extent of your addiction, there are several things to be considered.

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When it comes time to choose your recovery path, enlist the help of your doctor and friends or family to ensure you get the best help and one that will be best for you.


Why We Love Addiction Recovery (And, You Should Too!)

What a great feeling it would be to say you recovered from your addiction, right?

So many people long to overcome their addiction and return to their strong physical, mental and spiritual self. However, unfortunately, most people don’t seek the help they need and a large percentage of people never overcome that addiction.

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Addiction leaves many homes and marriages broke, people homeless, children hurt, and even takes the lives of several people each year.

When will you step up and say it is time for you to recover from your addiction?

That first step can be the hardest – although you might have prayed about it and researched it, it can still sometimes be hard to find the courage to just jump out and make a decision to seek help and go to rehab.

But, there are several benefits to going to rehab. Let us tell you why we love addiction recovery and you should too:

It will rejuvenate you.

There is something so reviving about starting over. You know the feeling when you have been on vacation and you finally come home? Those first few days can be dreadful – setting an alarm, going to work and doing household chores – but, to get back on a schedule is just such a rejuvenating feeling.

Addiction recovery is kind of the same concept. While it might be hard at first as you experience withdrawals and such, once you get back on a physical, mental and emotional track you will feel so much more alive.

It will mend broken relationships.

While recovery does not guarantee that all relationships will be mended, more than likely at least one will. You will also have the opportunity to form new friendships. During rehab, you will meet others who are just like you and can offer you, someone, to confide in who will understand.

After addiction recovery, you will also feel more empowered to try to mend your broken relationships. What an awesome feeling it will be to go visit your friends and family and prove to them you are a new person.



Overall, addiction recovery will give you your life back – or give you the life you never even got to start. When you get back on track and in tune – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you will find that you are empowered to start each day fresh.

While there will still be struggles, addiction recovery facilities will give you the tools you will need to continue pressing forward with recovery.